Get Your Sparkle On With Our Christmas Decorations Guide

Hi everyone!

Christmas is a time for everyone to come together: young and old, friends and family. Here is how to create that special festive ambience with some help from AVON.

Create A Cosy, Festive Atmosphere

Invoke the spirit of Christmas with this beautiful Winter Spice Mini Candle (£3.60). It comes in a gorgeous red box, so would make a lovely gift too. And don’t forget to spread the Winter Spice love throughout your home with our Winter Spice Room Spray (£5)! The orange, cranberry and star anise notes will make every room a Christmassy delight – plus it’s HALF PRICE when you buy it with any other Winter Spice product.

Christmas Trees & Traditions

Make sure your tree wins the best-dressed award this set of two colour-changing reindeer (£4) will light up the drabbest of trees and put a smile on everyone’s faces at the same time!

Set a new tradition this Christmas and light this spinning tealight holder (£8). Guaranteed to fascinate little children and grown-ups alike, no one can fail to be charmed by these enchanting spinning snowflakes – and they will look great on your mantelpiece as well.

Make your daughter’s Christmas Eve box absolute perfection with these cotton Mary Poppins children’s PJs (£11.95). ‘Practically perfect in every way’, they will make waking up on Christmas morning even more exciting!

Something For The Guests

Wow your guests at your festive get-together with some show-stopping speakers. These Sparkalista Dancing Speakers (£20) will really get the party started. On top of crystal-clear sound, they also react to the beat of your music, with changing LED lights that illuminate the dancing water!

They are super-easy to use: simply plug in the USB to the power source and use the jack cable included to connect your smartphone or computer. Click play on your device to listen to your favourite Christmas tunes!

These are a must-have for any Christmas or new year party and would also make a fab and affordable present for friends. Find out more here:

Make sure you have a cracker of a table prepared. Get everyone ho ho ho-ing with this red Light-up Table Runner (£13.95), which features a jolly Father Christmas for the kids and is decorated with pretty snowflakes to please mum.

Add in some Santa Placemats (£3.95 for two), which will keep little ones entertained – for a while, at least!

Finally, let all your guests know where they are sitting with these cute little Winter’s Tale Bauble Name Holders (£6 for four). The red glitter-filled glass baubles will coordinate perfectly with your table runner, making your festive spread picture perfect.

You can find all these treats and many more at and don’t forget to share with me your best AVON Christmas buys in the comments section below!

Now all you need to do is eat, drink and be merry. Have a wonderful relaxing Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Love, Dawn xxx


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