How To Sell AVON Online Successfully

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The new ‘going door to door’ is happening online. Research shows that by 2020 80% of the world’s adults will have a smartphone, so it’s a no-brainer to get yourself selling AVON online. Selling AVON online, however, is very different to selling face to face, so how do you do it? Follow my tips here on how to sell AVON online successfully when growing your business.

How To Sell AVON Products Successfully

Did you know that you no longer have to go door to door with brochures?

We all know that many people now choose to shop online, so when you join AVON you now get your own online store. It is very simple to advertise your store in a couple of clicks onto social media and sell all over the UK and email your store link out to everyone you know.

AVON has also launched an instant full-size brochure so anyone who likes the brochure can now view and order from it in the form of an online one that can be shared onto social media and WhatsApp. Also, there is now the Rep Hub and this gives you full training and accredited certificates on product information e.g. our Anew skincare range in 4 modules.

To help your product knowledge when advising customers, there are AVON parties in the home or online ones. AVON brochures will always be the core way of the AVON business, but you now have the choice to sell AVON they way you want to with all the tools you need. Building a customer base in person or online can take time and patience, but you are the face of your AVON business, so talk to everyone you know and get sharing your online business on social media and like me, I am sure you will build a great business selling AVON.

Get Social

The best way to grow your online AVON business is through social media. The more followers you get on your social media pages, the more chance you will have to amplify your brand. The easiest way to grow your followers is to share engaging content that sparks interest. So keep sharing!

The more consistent you are, the quicker your following will build up. Social media will enable you to reach a huge number of people with a minimal amount of work and time – which is perfect if you have children or caring responsibilities.

On Facebook, you can share AVON products, deals, images, videos and a link to your blog on your personal profile page, as well as your business page. You can use Facebook Events to set up and promote an AVON party. Or how about selling AVON products on Facebook Marketplace and join and create Facebook groups.

Instagram is a great way to promote beautiful images of new products and to show how you incorporate your work into your daily life. If you work from home, let viewers see how you are able to do more with your family because of it. Don’t forget InstaStories and InstaTV – video is a growing trend, it’s quick, fun and allows you to be creative.

Pinterest is a great place to share products and information about the products. Organise your Pinterest profile with boards. This will help viewers find the products they are looking for.

Blogging Isn’t Just For Fun

Blogging is a fantastic way to promote AVON and your personal brand. The possibilities are endless on what you can write about:

  • Products – new products, informative product posts, product reviews, beauty tips, how to’s.
  • Promotions – free shipping, discount offers, sales, campaigns.
  • Opportunity – the Avon selling opportunity, details on becoming an Avon Rep, the benefits of selling Avon, how to sign up, FAQs.
  • Avon Representative Tips – online marketing, sales, recruitment, leadership.
  • Team – industry news, newsletters, recognition, tips, ideas, incentives.

The more you write, the better you will get at it. After you create your blog posts, share it on all your social media sites and try and encourage people to link to your post, where possible.

A Final Thought

Finally, don’t forget your customers – both existing and potential customers! Make them feel special. When someone places an AVON order on your website, take the time to send them a thank you email and add their email addresses to your AVON Brochure mailing list.

Hope this helps you to super-charge your online business and AVON sales! Let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

Love, Dawn xxx


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