Why AVON is a great job for those who feel they can’t do a “proper” job

Why anyone can work with AVON

Finding a job that fits in with your needs can be really hard. Perhaps you are a stay-at-home parent who wants to be able to contribute to the family finances, a single parent who doesn’t receive maintenance, or you have a health condition that makes work challenging. You might have been made redundant and are seeking a new challenge. Maybe you’re a school leaver and want an alternative to the usual nine-to-five desk job. Or you could be retired and looking to make some new friends and top up your pension.

AVON is different to the usual career path. Anyone can do it, and new male and female recruits are joining at all times of life, from all walks of life. No experience or formal qualifications are necessary – only a warm smile, enthusiasm and an ability to talk to strangers.

Working with AVON not only provides you with an income but can also help you change your life for the better. Running an AVON business enables stay-at-home mums and dads a chance to make money without sacrificing family time. Working with AVON can help people who are isolated due to ill health or because they have just moved somewhere new to get out and meet people in their community, via door-to-door selling or social media. And if you’re nervous about re-entering the workplace after redundancy or a career break, just start selling AVON for a few hours a week to build up your confidence.

If you’re currently struggling to make ends meet, you don’t even have to pay anything up front. From 10 August 2018, there will no longer be an admin fee of £16, split into two payments.

AVON will be launching sales kits to buy when people join AVON on appointment. There are four in total:

  • a start-up kit for £15
  • an essentials kit for £30
  • an advanced kit for £90
  • a pro kit for £165.

With almost 1.5 million people unemployed in the UK, AVON is one of the increasingly few ways for you to find flexible work on your own terms, allowing you to manage your own business with minimal outlay as well as generate an income and giving you the opportunity to become financially independent.


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